Monday, June 1, 2009

Waiting 12.31.08

Do you see me
as I really am-
can you
see past every layer
can you peel away each face
until you see
the actual
the true
the real
the raw

You know my face-
calm and placid as a lake at sunset
sweet and easy as a perfect spring day

but will you love the real me
the me as deep as ocean,
imperfect as wrinkled day,
as joyful as the fullest of moons,
as sorrowful as a starry night
longing for home..
a poem waiting to be read between
the lines
(will you read between my lines...
between what I say and what I don't say?)
A soul that bubbles over with wonder..
with laughter...
the little girl
who reaches out, yet runs

Do you see me? The me-inside-
the Inside-Me
who longs
to be
unwrapped, to be seen
Will you look deeper?
Will you climb?
Will you dig?
Will you dare?
Will you go there?