Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lucky Charm

I played roulette with u
I bet it all
Maybe I'm crazy
Maybe I'm not
But I bet on u
You my number 9
A dime minus one but a dime
I had a feeling
And I had to take a risk
Call me reckless
Call me crazy
But maybe I'm not

Monday, February 24, 2014

As deep as I am dense.

Back to the Beginning

I wish I never met you. I wish I was able to meet you all over, again.
 Can we go back to the beginning?
I wish I knew you as a stranger. Maybe I bumped into you at the bus stop or standing on line at the grocery knowing nothing of one another, no misconceived notions, ideas. I wish I met you, knowing nothing. No mold, no box to try to squeeze you in.

Looking into the eyes of a stranger. What would your eyes look like? 
What would I see in your gaze with you looking back at me.

What if I just knew you one to one, for myself.
Because I have a feeling that there is so much more to you.

Starting with a conversation, a look in the eye. 
An introduction sealed with a handshake.
 Followed by more conversation. Then we exchange numbers. 
Later, we pick up the phone, make a date. 
And learn each other.

What if I had actually invited you in? 
 Instead of culture's distortion and exploitation of a billboard Jesus?
 Instead of well-meaning others clamping you onto me. 
Instead of church tying a noose of doctrine around my neck?
What if I loved you for myself? 
Learned you for myself? Argued with you even? 
Adored and desired you for myself. What if?

Can we go back to the beginning-

Have I unlearnt all I needed to unlearn.
Let me learn you all over again.
I only know your masks
Let me see your face.
I only know the myths and fables of you
Let me hear your voice.
I only know buildings of you,
Let me know the architecture, let me kiss the marble floors

within your heart of your hearts.

God, Let me love you.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Possessing Myself

Possessing myself
Grounding my feet into the earth
Roots grow deep, anchoring  me
Harnessing the whirlwind that I am

for a surge of electricity that earth has never felt
Lassoing my luminescence, unbridled

to now coherently emit a light
with power enough to 
slice through glass

 I have touched the star of my pinnacle 

 I have eaten the crumbs off the last floor of my hell

Shadow and soul,
now wedded- a holy matrimony
Possessing myself

Soul of a Gypsy

Why must I buy a ticket and get on a plane
when I travel everyday a thousand times a moment
I travel states, levels, dimensions, places a plane can't take you
Each moment is a sunrise unseen
Every interaction with a stranger, a new world
Every conversation, a new soil my feet have kissed
Each emotion a portal into another galaxy, leading into another and another
Every love its own language, speaking many tongues
And when I take this pen to paper
I dive deep,  traversing many oceans,
sometimes with tired arms and heavy lungs
But still  I dive deep hunting the depths of mother earth's soul
for treasures in the darkness
And when I return to the surface, a different face everytime.
The question is not if I will go,
but how far and how deep

Lines of longitude and latitudes criss-cross and swirl 
wrapping their coordinates around my childlike hands
It is who I am, it is what I am-
an atlas of love.
My soul is a caravan; my feet, my home
 My heart, my only compass

Monday, September 9, 2013

Love Me Not & Forget Me Now

I don't even think
I could
if I tried
to  bottle all the love
I've been lavished with
in  my short life.
If I did
I would drown
in a thousand hungry oceans.
So please,
don't do me any favors
I'll find somebody else to Love me.


Friday, August 30, 2013

Sun, where can I hide from you.
You stared me down today and had no mercy
I cringed and wished to hide myself within myself
wished to bury myself in a tomb of my own hair
You stared me down and in one look you told me
everything about myself
The perfect crystal ball you showed me with clarity
diamond sharp And I cringed and cried inside my
head a hammer nailing all the words I before could not
piercing this pink, finalizing the photo, a photo finish.
A new picture developed.