Monday, February 24, 2014

Back to the Beginning

I wish I never met you. I wish I was able to meet you all over, again.
 Can we go back to the beginning?
I wish I knew you as a stranger. Maybe I bumped into you at the bus stop or standing on line at the grocery knowing nothing of one another, no misconceived notions, ideas. I wish I met you, knowing nothing. No mold, no box to try to squeeze you in.

Looking into the eyes of a stranger. What would your eyes look like? 
What would I see in your gaze with you looking back at me.

What if I just knew you one to one, for myself.
Because I have a feeling that there is so much more to you.

Starting with a conversation, a look in the eye. 
An introduction sealed with a handshake.
 Followed by more conversation. Then we exchange numbers. 
Later, we pick up the phone, make a date. 
And learn each other.

What if I had actually invited you in? 
 Instead of culture's distortion and exploitation of a billboard Jesus?
 Instead of well-meaning others clamping you onto me. 
Instead of church tying a noose of doctrine around my neck?
What if I loved you for myself? 
Learned you for myself? Argued with you even? 
Adored and desired you for myself. What if?

Can we go back to the beginning-

Have I unlearnt all I needed to unlearn.
Let me learn you all over again.
I only know your masks
Let me see your face.
I only know the myths and fables of you
Let me hear your voice.
I only know buildings of you,
Let me know the architecture, let me kiss the marble floors

within your heart of your hearts.

God, Let me love you.