Thursday, January 9, 2014

Soul of a Gypsy

Why must I buy a ticket and get on a plane
when I travel everyday a thousand times a moment
I travel states, levels, dimensions, places a plane can't take you
Each moment is a sunrise unseen
Every interaction with a stranger, a new world
Every conversation, a new soil my feet have kissed
Each emotion a portal into another galaxy, leading into another and another
Every love its own language, speaking many tongues
And when I take this pen to paper
I dive deep,  traversing many oceans,
sometimes with tired arms and heavy lungs
But still  I dive deep hunting the depths of mother earth's soul
for treasures in the darkness
And when I return to the surface, a different face everytime.
The question is not if I will go,
but how far and how deep

Lines of longitude and latitudes criss-cross and swirl 
wrapping their coordinates around my childlike hands
It is who I am, it is what I am-
an atlas of love.
My soul is a caravan; my feet, my home
 My heart, my only compass