Sunday, February 14, 2010

There's nothing left to say... nothing left for you to take... nothing left to give you...
The door to this Eden has shut you out forever
Now it's your turn to stand in the rain and feel the pain

I was your Eden,
but now that you're on the outside you want in
I was your Eden
now you're the one on the outside looking in
... in the rain, with your pain

I was your Eden
you drank from me,
abducted my fruits,
exploited my sweetness
Under the junipers and willows, you
plundered shade from life
until this garden cried for rain
and starved for light

I was your Eden
but your defrauding hands
never brought the rain
it never saw the light
I was your Eden
yet you took, just to turn your back

So busy you were,
admiring your own reflection in my waters
that you didn't even realize
where you were

You didn't even realize
Eden was at your feet