Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Psalm

I don't need a pew in a church with my name on it... I don't need a sermon to tell me what I already know... Don't need religion's rules and regulations... Don't need a choir to sing me to heaven... I don't need broken people telling me that I'm broken... what I need is a god who's gonna find me... who's gonna locate me at the exact coordinates of where I am on this god forsaken map.... and touch me...then and there... I need a god who's gonna sit beside me on a backyard brick stoop... and hear every word I cannot speak...need a god who's gonna call me by my name when I've forgotten who I am... I need a god who's gonna hold no other... and feel with me...when it hurts so bad the tears just won't fall... I need a god I can feel... and be touched by
Jesus, I know you are this God... but Jesus, where are You now?