Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Idiosyncricies and Confessions

I've been writing alot of heavy, angry stuff lately... I'm gonna try to change it up with something lighter. Let's start with this and call it
Idiosyncricies and Confessions...

I can't keep a clean desk even if I try
I suffer from a one track mind
Forget multi-tasking
I lose my keys often
I'm in love with emotions
I try to cover up the part of me that was scarred
from the Ugly Duckling Syndrome growing up
I notice people's handwriting and wonder what i

t might say about them

I am woman and girl blended into one
Been told that I have an old soul and I

wonder if that is true
I am discreetly evocative
I am a bridge , I like to connect
I'm free spirited and hate to be pinned down
If I let you catch me, I'm completely your's
but if you get cut off, done you are
I like to "pencil in" because you never know...

Back in highs school, my boyfriend in

frustration would use the word ENIGMA
to describe me because he
couldn't crack the code
I play first, then work
Ribboned with romance, in and out, all the way through
Feel beauty so vividly that alotta the time
I feel like i'm flyin on a high
I'm in love with the texture of words

I'm shy at times but
if you listen closely
I speak with my face

I speak even louder with my touch

Black is my color because it is

deep potent and mysterious
But lavender comes in second
because it's the passion of red

meshed with the undercurrent calm of blue-
PASSIONS SMOLDERING beneath, that's me