Monday, May 31, 2010

Relief is the Color Green

I hear
Cocoons being spun
Nests being built- twig by twig
I hear
the earth awakening with a yawn, crawling out of bed
colors twinkling with new breath
I hear
scurrying in underground tunnels
inside the sewn lips of tulips, secrets
exchanged in the night
I hear
the sky blue eggs of robins hatching
the hypnotic hum of rain
I hear
branches giving birth to leaves and buds
squirrels' feet flirting, chasing up and
down telephone lines
I hear
the willow tree open her heavy eyes one more time
the wings of the sparrow weaving pictures in the sky
I hear
the sun's rays lullabying winter’s sorrows
green's laughter splattered everywhere

My favorite place for winter to be
is behind-
Gone gone gone