Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To TRUST or Not to TRUST

Beware of vultures
who know only the taste of their own hunger
hovering over their next victim

Beware of vultures
who masquerade as doves
yet rush to the scene at the aroma of death
their white facade stained,
ruthless beaks dripping crimson

Beware of vultures
who prey on secrets and
harness your trust to use later
as a weapon against you,
at the moment of hunger

Beware of vultures
who keenly eye your every move
feasting on any snapshot of weakness

Because you are just the next meal
Your weakness, their delight
Your trust, a knife to twist in your throat
Devouring you and any scraps leftover
Your defeat,their nourishment
Their apetite fed by your transparency

You will know a vulture
because when down
the hands that once held your's
won't be there pulling you up-
just the sudden strike of sharp talons
piercing skin and trusting heart
gushing, left wondering why you did