Saturday, June 5, 2010

Have you ever felt INVISIBLE?


Miles of words you run me over with; I've been crushed,
I've been flattened under the galloping stampede of your tragedies
You don't even realize my sharp silence,my voice has been amputated
because your mouth is a machete, a mudslide that wipes me out
You don't even look behind or next to you, to see where I went
You keep going without a blink, without a breath
And my warmth? Do you even realize it's gone?
Do you know why? It's because it was snuffed out, when this
became all about you, and the funny thing to me is
you're so absorbed in you that you don't even realize
when I wilt into the background and become


Leaves me wondering
if the only reason why you love me
is because I'm who you want me to be