Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Love Unhad

Part I

On the tip of my tongue-
a poem, but the words hide like an itch that can't be scratched
And a poem I want to write, but the words remained scattered
but how many ways can you say, I gave him the best of me
and yet it wasn't good enough
how many ways can you say, we all want love but he just didn't want mine
how many ways can I say, a gaping wound in the pit of my stomach has survived the wreckage,
all because I loved too recklessly

how many ways can it be said,
a love unhad

Part II

My love is a crown you will never wear
your head does not deserve the honor
You think you can buy her with the crumbs
that line your empty pockets
But this love will not bend so low as
to entertain you as a mere playing piece
in the little games you like to play
This love will not be content to sit on your shelf
to rust away, a reminder of one of your conquests
A proud love, never taught to bow, never taught to beg

My love is a crown your undeserving head
will never wear
This is your
love unhad