Wednesday, July 28, 2010


On the outside
my hands are deceivingly small, my smile sugary sweet
But in my heart I am a warrior
Not only because my name means "first and last in war"
But, I make the mistakes cowards are afraid to take
I fight and I'm not afraid to scrape my knees, not afraid to bleed
and I'm not to afraid to come up for round 2,
Not afraid to bare my heart when love seeks
Wounds and scars I don't flaunt, but what's the point in
hiding what's beneath- these are my mementos,
pushing me to rise higher than before

I fight judging eyes, questioning glares
but I don't let your stare pull me down in a net
because I fight to never be fake
let my life growl back at you
at least I'll never be tried guilty for being plastic
because I'll tell you where I have been
and I'll tell you where I'm going

In my heart I am a warrior
my passion, lethal
my return, brilliant