Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poem- written 12-28-97 (this poem gave me the chills... it's long but I promise you it's worth reading!)

I want to twist you
I want to bend your body
I want to stretch you
I want to hold you in the palm of my hand
I want to watch you squirm like I have done
I want the coldness in your eyes to melt to a puddle
So I can splash it in your face and let you taste it

I want to smother you with my violent beauty
Strike you in an instant like a match to its book
You will be a flame burning bright and faithfully
I will be the one to blow you out whenever I wish to
The air escaping my lips, you will not be able to stand up against

I clothe myself behind words of honey so to hide the naked bitterness
I play behind a smile as to make my simmering pain
and the bright light in my eyes that sparkle
is only there to not let you see the darkness
that swims in the deep sea of my heart

I want to trap you in my hands
caged and imprisoned

I am animated
You are amused and impressed at how many shades of colors I can be
To me they are the same one
I wait behind lies
and you always come around to meet me behind black satin

I am getting tired, change the satin
before I blow you out
When will you end this maze I have made?