Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Teach Me to Cry (again)

My one wish is that I would just cry
and just let the tears fall
my one wish is that i'd remember how
and collapse in the tears that i let fall

because i forgot how to let go
how to cry
i forgot the taste of my own tears
but the truth is i never liked to cry
and always held them tears back until i couldn't hold them no more
the time I was 6 and I ran so hard in a game of tag
with my brother
that I fell so hard I bruised my knee and it bled so hard
but i didn't wanna tell nobody so i hid my knee, ashamed
that other time i was playing basketball with my guy cousins
one of them socked it to me so hard in the gut, i thought my stomach
was going to jump right out of my mouth,
wanted to cry but I held them back, so they wouldn't laugh

or maybe I'm just like my daddy
my daddy, who i've never seen cry
no, not once
daddy, am i just like you?

Someone, somehow
please, teach me to cry
there's a pain in the center of my chest
how do i make the tears come
I used to be afraid if i let them fall, they'd just keep comin'
but now i don't care
i'm trying to remember how to cry