Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the difference

If I could do it again I would allow myself to be more human.

I would allow others to be more human.

I'd never set a prayer time or place because now I know that prayer what pray isn't: It isn't a set time, it isn't a place, and sometimes it's never even the words you say, but it's your heart connected to God's heart, minute by minute if you really want

I'd have to be true to myself before I am anyone to God or anyone else.

I'd be unique rather than uniform.

I'd listen, I'd try to understand and show rather than preach.

I would let my realness bridge me to others rather than let my christianity divide or incubate me

I'd forgive myself more

I'd be more transparent to others about my strengths, my failings, my questions, the doubts

I'd follow my heart instead of trying to find a recipe for faith, because faith like love is blind

I'd chase God rather than an institution, rather than rules or regulations, rather than outward apperances, I'd strive towards carving out a simple, transparent, childlike faith instead

I'd love God more than I loved crossing off a checklist

I'd never let the four walls of an institution confine, restrict, or dictate

Church attendance and skirt length would have no denominator in my spirituality

I'd never let an institution or desire for approval define my personality

I'd never punish myself for forgetting to read my bible one night

I would read my bible to simply know God

I'd never try to be a phoney or cliched christian, you know the type that wears "WWJD" bracelets, or the type that yells God's Word at you in subways, or those christians who walk around, holier than thou, "I'm saved, God knows my name. God chose me" or talk Christian jibberish

I'd accept myself as a child of god rather than define myself as a product of an institution, because maybe then I'd undertstand "grace"

I'd pray for others more

More than pray, more than drag people to church with me, I would love others more. Really love them. Not just tell them. But show. Go the extra mile to care.

If I could do it again, I would love more. I would love God and others more.

I would love myself more. And let myself be me.

And love God. And I would love him, MY WAY