Sunday, April 22, 2012

Why I have worked with young people for 7 years and will continue to do so...

Thank you, youth
You gave this girl back her childhood
A childhood prohibited
A childhood tenated by a crossfire of
flying plates and crashing words
Sprinkled red, holes sunken in the wall
Tears on the windowsill, punished what for?
One birthday 9, the next turned 19
Trying to make sense
What was the need for fences?
Innocence extracted to be replaced with an intravenus
feed of constant suspicion
A little girl that learned to shut up fast, her words didn't matter,
a little girl sputtering "I'm sorry's", but what for?
Trying to balance an equation that never equaled out-
prayer at the dinner table, Sunday best at church, but how
did that ever equal out with what happened at tiptop 

Thank you, youth
You gave this girl back her childhood,
unlacing the mummified, the little girl unlived
Laughing from the heart, to be innocent, 
to live and speak without restraint
To glow with curiosity, to ask questions
To live life with eyes wide big
hands and heart open