Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Have Been That Woman.

I am the Fool who fed the only pearls she had to pigs.
I am the Blind because the momentary pleasure appealed more to me more than eternal.
I am the Desolate because I sold Truth I had for silver coins.
I am the Prodigal's Heart that ran away from home with my Inheritance.
I am the One in the crowd who cheered, Crucify him.
I am Mary Magdalene who hears the words, Sin No More, yet hasn't learned.
I am Hosea's whore whom he buys over and over, despite her whoring ways.
I am not only the one who cried out, crucify him, I am also the Crucifier.
I am Moses the Fugitive when he ran from his crime.
I am Joseph's brothers burying my own dreams drenched in blood.
I am the Faithless because I look for a god I could touch and feel.
I have been Samson's head in Delilah's lap. And I have been Delilah.

I have been many things.

But, Yes, that woman I have been.