Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blind and Deaf


all the times you told me you don't want me in your life
all the times you showed me, by your side you don't want to be
why didn't I hear you when you said it
said don't be with me in a thousand different displays
How can I count the ways
you never wanted this, you didn't choose this, it was never your
place to want to stay
How can I count the ways
you've tried to push me away
Have I been blind? Have I been deaf?

At the edge of Freedom, of Escape
Here is your open door.
A true prisoner's obligation is to his escape, his freedom, so
here is your wings, your heart, your open door
here are your feet.
Run, fly, swim, dance,
Run, fly, swim, dance
kiss the earth
whatever and however a freed prisoner licks freedom
with his tongue for the first time

Be Free.