Wednesday, January 27, 2010

~ME~ .2001.

I'm the kind of person who
laughs when they don't understand a joke
I eat Fruit Loops when I'm sad
I laugh when I cry
Cry when I laugh
I am friendly
But I can be shy
My hands are small
Palmistry books say this is
a sign of a childlike quality
I like to keep my nails short
Need to feel like a kid
Don't want to be a woman yet
I like to walk barefoot
Barefoot in wet grass
Barefoot in the rain
My fluctuating moods
thrive on sunshine
but don't forget
thunderstorms resound
in my soul
I stole my
Black thick ribbon of hair
and almond shaped eyes of liquid brown
from the ones who came before me
the Chinese , the Malay traders,
the Spanish conquistadores
My light skin and long body
from my wandering, warrior
Celtic mothers
My nose is the mystery
Nobody has a nose like mine,
That's what Mom used to call me
As a child she'd put a clothespin over it
to flatten it out
But that didn't work
I am a winter baby
That lives to see summer
I am a slow learner
But I never forget
I am Me
A million and one persons
But all me