Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Song 2.25.2000

This is a piece I wrote ten years ago when I was sixteen. Still reflects what I feel inside to this day.

There's a song in my heart. And only I can hear it. It's beautiful, but it cannot mean much if I can't share it with somebody. But i'm afraid if i let somebody listen they will not hear it. I'm afraid that person will hear something else. I'm afraid that that person will not sing it back to me or even realize that it's my song. They might think that it is ugly. But that song is mine. And I wake up to it every morning. It beats within my heart. And I follow it wherever it might lead. And when it's loud enough I dance to it. It is my song. It follows me into my dreams at night. Even when I try to drown it out in my pain it still echoes and never leaves. And when I don't want to be me anymore it reminds me of who I am, what I am. And the song is beautiful. I want the world to hear it. But I don't know how to sing it in a way that it will be understood.

It is my song and no one else's. But I want somebody to truly hear it. And maybe they could sing their song along with mine, if just for a moment. And maybe it could be even more beautiful. Maybe we'll hear things we've never heard before. Maybe it will lead us to places we've never been. Maybe we will find things that were always there just waiting for us. Maybe we might find each other...