Monday, May 31, 2010


Don't worry
I know you're covered in it
I know it sneers at you
so you can't see your arms from your hands,
your feet from the path in front of you
I know you've injected yourself with a drug
prescribed as Numbness
so what's meant to hurt doesn't

But light
she knows just how to crack the code
she knows the right combination
to unlock the door to reach you

She will slither as smooth as a snake
through the cracks beneath the door

or in between shards of things that
once made up things whole

It's not too late
she's zeroed in on you
in laser beam style she's tagged you
and has fought like a sword to
be by your side
She knows where you hide and
what you hide from,
when everybody else sees a fading star
she sees the child inside

So when
you start to feel a warmth hover over you,
it's okay, its her arms blanketing you
and when you feel a tingling in your ear
that's her hushing the child inside
You'll begin again to tell your arms
from your hands, the ice melting from off

your heart

She will guide your feet out of the darkness
with the whisper of her light, saying behind you,
"This is the way, walk in it..."