Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This poem dedicated to someone who hears the song in my heart....

Broken Flutes and Loud but Empty Noises

In a storm of chaos
two voices
single each other out-
paddling through the sea of
noise, with tired arms
straining to follow that recognized melody,
a secret language, between two separated
mythological creatures misplaced on
opposite sides of the universe-
amidst the static, though distant
and singular, until they locate
the ear that heard them first

The one voice says,
Thank you
for singling me out-
amongst a sea of loud but empty noises
Thank you
for hearing this voice
when it was just a broken flute
Since you found me
I've found the wings to sing
from the bottom of the ocean within
Unafraid of that deep rich noise
Unafraid to be a cello in a sea of broken
flutes and loud but empty noises

Thank you