Friday, May 21, 2010

I dug up this poem in one of my old journals. It was written March 2000, approx. ten years ago for one of my first loves. ...

Wanted you to fill the length of space you
left behind and make it feel that
we were just yesterday
I wanted your voice to smooth out the
crumpled sky that lay between then and now
I wanted to lie with you and feel your
heartbeat whisper me your stories
I wanted your hand to hold mine
the whole way thru
I wanted you to look at me
and pour yourself into my eyes

You gave me kisses with no
Caresses with no promise
An ache without any definition
An emptiness to hold onto and
tears to cry inside me

Never did you lie still to see what I
held in my hands
Didn't even feel the sadness on my mouth
Nor the taste of gray on my skin

You didn't even look into my eyes