Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You know a friend really loves you when they write about for you.... Thank you Ruth. I love you with all my heart! You are a true friend. Remember. Two friends. Two countries. One heart. One Love

Imperfections came to my life.
I cried and I called you name
Desires ....Desire not to hear
not see...not to live...not to do...
but to go... with you, for you.

I stepped forward and I asked
Why I couldn't be you?
When did all this happen that I didn't even realized.
Why I couldn't be there?
When did I let him to do this?
to you, with you.

Then, I stepped forward again
And I got my answer
She can do it again!
with you, for you.

True friends go beyond
true friends are more than "you are the best"
"You did this ...I did that"
Did you see that? I saw this...
true friends, two countries..
with you, for you.