Monday, June 7, 2010

Thoughts on why friendships fail....

Is friendship about winning arguments?
Is it keeping a tally of wrongs? A tally of "I-did-this-for-you on this day"
"I forgave you on this day- so you owe me"
A list of grievances and dates, showing that you are that one's indentured servant
Is it about throwing the word SORRY around just to get it over with

The core of a friendship
is communication because it is the drawing of a bridge between two imperfect countries
it's the walk to meet halfway
The core of friendship is not listening with your defense system ready to charge- but understanding
The core of friendship is trying to mend broken walls not raise them higher

But when I try to draw a bridge
you erect walls by digging from your little treasure chest of the past
and brick by brick, tit for tat, you shut me out with the wall you built so high
The wall so high you can't see over it
And that's exactly the problem, you can't and you won't see anything beyond
the little radius of yourself- your vision limited to only your scope of things
because you've enclosed yourself with walls
your peripheal vision fails... your far sighted vision fails
You're nearsighted because of your own construction

So what could have been mended has been built so high
and so powerfully it now has the magnititude to divide