Wednesday, January 19, 2011


What I give you, is all I know of love
What I give you, is what I dream love to be
What I give you, is what I am truly looking for in
return and sometimes (that lack),
that is all we know of love.

So I give you what I know, and what it is I have
I only know to love intensely
I only know to love passionately
I only know to bridge a connection that's deep
and always flowing
I only know to give the one I love a constancy,
a strong ground from which to gain some sort
of balance, some sort of footing  in this crazy world

And all I look for in return is
to be loved intensely
to be loved with passion
to share a deep connection
and the feeling I crave so much- stability.

But what do you do when what you give feels more
like a cage to the person you love?
When they don't really want what you have to give,

what do you do?
what do you do?

when this is the only love I know to give?

Because all the life in my loving has been sucked away
My love knows no apologies