Sunday, May 8, 2011

...The hardest battle...

(image by lisephotography)
I put you in the backseat and
never let you matter
I let people step all over you
without saying a word
I scold and tell you-
you're stupid,
you're wrong,
you don't matter
don't feel that way
it's all just imagination
I punish you, lock you in your room
Because nobody wants to hear what
you have to say

To shut you up,
I fatten you with food, I appease you with pleasure, surround you with faces and noise-
I keep you distracted and entertained- emotional anesthesia- because
no one understands,
nobody cares to hear what you have to say-
so you bury your voice and I never have to hear you
But still, sometimes you'll tug, sometimes you'll cry red, like a blaring angry siren,
but I just turn my ear

I tell you that anybody else is more important,you are wrong and never right,
and I let you fade into the background
and never let you matter
and never do you have a face
and never a voice

"You'll never have a face of your own until you've learned to fight."