Sunday, January 2, 2011


My Emancipation Proclomation

free me from identities past,
identities shed
free me from previous capacities
in which i used to operate
free me from definitions that
caged and held hostage

because i'm not the girl
you think i am
i'm not the girl
i have been
because i'm not always
gonna be the girl you see today

No longer the little girl
who needs to ask
permission to
have my own opinions,
to have my own say,
i'm not the little girl
who needs to raise my hand
each time I
change my mind or fall in love,
i'm not the little girl
who needs to walk on eggshells
around you, afraid to step on your
 toes of disapproval,
nodding and "yes-ing" you away
Can't continue being afraid of
making mistakes, can't always be afraid
of spilling milk

i'm a rubberband
always expanding my limits
i'm a cocoon
meant to be destroyed so what's
inside can be freed

so this is me
without apologies
i'm still growing
still ever meta-morphising
so let me be-
free me
from this mental slavery
i gotta live with no apologies
so don't arrest me with your
don't grind my wings to powder
don't shackle me to your preconceived
notions of what you've always thought
me to be

because what you've thought i am
is just an empty shell
no longer inhabited
you won't find me there-
 the only thing you'll find there
is your brittle fear

don't fear what i might become
don't fear what you don't recognize
don't fear what doesn't reflect you

fear what i might never become
if i endure any longer
the mental slavery

so tonight
without apology
i'm free-ing me