Saturday, February 26, 2011


Mama always said to think with your head and not your heart. Mama says I came from a poor country to America not for you to marry a poor man. Mama always said, it’s better just to have “friends” and not boyfriends. Why tie yourself down to one man? Mama always said that the man should love you more than you love them. Mama always said the best time of her life was when she was single. Sex and sandwiches, Mama says, is all they want. And Mama always seals her little speeches with the (verbal) kiss, yea your Mama knows best.

But Mama, I’m afraid to tell you you’re mistaken. I pride myself in being someone who follows my heart. I dare follow this heart in places you’ve never allowed yours to go. I am me, because I will take the risks in love you were too cautious to take. Of all people, I will be sure to touch the heights of true love because I risk getting close enough to the flames, close enough to endure the scorching. And mama “friends” was good enough for you but not for me. The difference between us is that you are content with casualness while I am programmed for a complete intertwining with another. I would rather DIE than be with someone who doesn't know the texture of my soul or how to wrap his love around this.  Whoever told you there was something wrong and shameful about being in love, about wanting to have something singular and passionate with a man, lied to you. There is something beautiful about calling someone your own.  There is something beautiful about knowing you belong to somebody.  

So please keep your pre-cautiouns to yourself. And as for sex and sandwiches, what’s so wrong with that- maybe that's all that I want too?