Saturday, April 9, 2011

I long to touch you

have i loved you only in theory? 
I filled my head with stories of you, fables of others experiences,sayings and quotes
despite moments of deep sincerity and sacrifice, and being down on my knees, 
loving you was like chasing the wind
and yea I may have skimmed the surface of your kindness, your love said to be limitless
but when it came down to it, chasing the wind is a lonely thing to do
lonely, especially when you don't hear any reply back
lonely, when you realize it's easier to look and act the part than actually reach him who feels unreachable
lonely, when  you long for touch, words, answers and get only the wind
lonely, when you're climbing a staircase that wraps in circles yet leads to only a question mark
I tried so hard to reach you
I tried so hard to love you
I tried
believe me, I tried