Saturday, April 9, 2011

the hypocrite creed

You make the perfect little pharisee
sittin up on that platform in your shiny little suit
with your legs so cooly crossed

Yes, don't you make the perfect little pharisee
so polished you appear as you lead the hymnals,
singing all the right words within all the right measures

Look at you, perfect little pharisee
so quick to slap a quick fix hand on the forehad of
anyone who comes to the altar, calling that "prayer"

Yea, the pharisee you are
so quick and precise to point your handy dandy little finger,
You forget you have an arm to reach down to help someone up;
Yet you justify this as "tough love"; so quick to throw the first stone
but what about the  "holier than thou" facade you've convinced yourself of

yet would you care to share, what really lays beneath
your little "holy" veneer?
or maybe what the walls in your house really have to
say about you

P.S.  i despise your breed of hypocrisy