Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Poem to My Brown Eyes….

Brown eyes

Sometimes a warm puddle,

A leftover spill of cappucino.

Othertimes a rock that grates to ashes petal soft intentions.

Brown eyes

An armed fortress questioning between lies and sincerity,

Othertimes, two smoldering flames that scald with just a look,

a silk ribbon of wordless whispers.

Brown eyes

Pages that tell tales of magic and horror when dared turned

Daggers to pierce and nail to a crucifix any trespassors
Brown eyes

Warm, like the sun set smiling on a sienna sea

A sponge soaked with all said, unsaid; dense with wonder; heavy with possibility

 Brown eyes

singing lullabies of light to the night.

Brown eyes

"I could read you" said a stranger to these eyes, one day:

"You are hurting but you've accepted it" were they told.

And these eyes in muted silence, nodded.