Thursday, July 5, 2012


Must I really wait for another lifetime to make it right with you
What if my soul has to wait 1,000 years before I could touch you again
I swear I will find you, And no matter in whatever lifetime I will not let you go.
I will not tear or tread on the tender rose petals of your love.
Transparent and pure as the silver tongue licked path of moonlight, 
I will be brave and unfraid, giving you the nectar, the bleeding pulp
All that was held back.
Wounded, missing limbed I will not leave you.
This time I will hold you till you are whole.
Navigating realms, lifetimes, identities, tongues, souls
I will look for you in every face, inside the star of every flower, in
the arms of every storm, between the beseeching palms of praying hands.
Balancing karma, balancing regret and faith,
How many incarnations must unravel before I touch you again
But I swear on every fluttering wing, on every line and swirl in my hand,
Love as my compass will compel my feet to the exact coordinates of the earth under

~Until that lifetime~