Friday, April 29, 2011

the way to nowhere

i'm getting used to leaving your side
feeling like i'll never be understood
like i speak a language you've never heard and can none
the less converse in-no matter how hard i try, no matter how
many different ways and times I try to say,
you will never get me, cuz the problem is you never try
Being "right" and collecting apologies don't and won't
appease me, my one and only desire is just to be understood
to have my sensitivty and emotions respected, and why not even
appreciated, but your so caught up in your famous exilir of blame,
double talk, and your so called "constructive criticism", that with
every world you build a wall miles high, and you wonder where I went
and why I'm not by your side- cuz now I'm on the other side
but deaf ears can't hear the thunders of this heart
nowhere is a lonely place
and that is the only place we are getting

i need you to listen